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Video Depositions and Conferencing

Video Depositions and Video Conferencing

Video depositions and video conferences are an excellent tool for your law practice. You gain first-hand experience with the witness' performance, so there are no surprises once you reach the courtroom.

The video format also gives you the opportunity to insert photos and other evidence and information provided by the witness. If you enable the jury to see an accident scene first-hand via video, you add more depth to the case.

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Why You Want to Video Your Depositions

Cases are won by conducting extensive discovery. Video depositions provide the ability to capture the witness’ demeanor when responding to a question for the very first time. These expressions, tones and reactions will likely be different in the courtroom after opposing counsel’s trial prep. By taking video depositions, this preserves the initial and raw answer which more closely than anything, represents the truth.

Five Reasons to Take Your Depositions by Video

  1. Capture the witness’ raw demeanor to questions.
  2. Keep opposing counsel in check (it’s harder to be rude when your tone is recorded by video).
  3. Preserve the testimony in the event of death / unavailable.
  4. Use video deposition clips to educate the decision makers in the case regarding settlement. For example, if the defendant is a remorseful witness that is truly sorry for running the stop sign, show this to the plaintiff during settlement discussions.
  5. Use the video deposition clips in summary judgment motions. Judges get tired of reading briefs. In addition to your brief, play 4-5 minutes of video deposition testimony that supports your position. Judges will remember this much better than a written page cite.


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Why Video Conference?

Video conferencing your depositions provide accessibility for people who can't make it to a physical location to talk with your firm. For example, if they live in another country or have a serious disability, it may be nearly impossible to bring them on-site. Video conferencing addresses this issue in a way that's comfortable and convenient for all parties.

Since you do not have to travel to clients, and vice versa, you save a lot of money on travel and other expenses. You also do not lose your time to work on the case due to a lengthy commute.

Our Video Deposition and Conferencing Services

Our talented remote reporters go to your location to talk with the witness, whether you hold the deposition at your office or go to another place. We edit down the recordings at your request, so you have a concise video that conveys the information that's relevant to your case.

The Technology We Use

We leverage the best technology for video depositions and video conferences. Our staff is thoroughly trained in our video equipment and software. GoToMeeting and Skype are our software of choice, and they offer the features necessary for clear communication and user-friendliness.

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