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Trial Technology Consultation

Trial Technology Consultation

Trial technology can give your case the edge, but only if you know how to use it. With new equipment and software coming out all the time, it is hard to know which options would be perfect for your needs. This is where our trial technician comes in.
Trial technicians are the legal assistants of the courtroom. They know the ins and outs of the technology. Our trial technicians are especially adept at putting together your case information and data so you can present your best case to the judge and jury.

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What Our Trial Technicians Provide Your Firm

When you're working with a lot of evidence, it can be difficult to easily sort through it all. You need the right war room technology. Our trial technicians can put together a document database or a trial exhibit to give you better visibility. They also have experience in creating hard-hitting presentations and the tools you need to strengthen your case or weaken your opponent's. You get access to case materials and evidence at any time, making it easy to review volumes of information.

Our trial technicians know how to work the electronics you need in the courtroom; and they can quickly configure this equipment and troubleshoot problems if things go wrong. During the trial, our trial technicians sit alongside you. They are excellent at educating your and your client on the way electronic presentations work, as well as creating demonstratives.


Why Use a Trial Technician

Using trial technicians rather than an attorney is cost-effective for your law firm. Their hourly rate is lower, making it easier to give them enough time to edit content and video so that it is high quality. They do everything they can to present your client's story as a convincing and engaging argument.

Once you leverage our trial consulting services, you'll wonder how you ever did without them. We handle the heavy lifting of technology so you can focus on putting together the evidence and documents needed to get your client the best outcome.

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