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Translators & Interpreters

Translators & Interpreters

English is not everyone’s first language, in fact the United States has over 60 million non-English speakers. Therefore, it is common for law firms to encounter clients, witnesses, and other parties who do not speak the English language very well or at all.

Although language barriers between you and your deponent can present challenges, there are legal translators and interpreters who can assist you with communication.

Lady Justice

Legal Translation and Interpretation Benefits

Court-certified legal interpreters focus on translating information verbatim and do not allow for personal opinions to interfere with testimonies. Their translations are used in official court documents.

A legal interpreter allows you to have accurate and effective communication with your client which is essential in your case.

Why ACR Global, Inc. Legal Translators and Interpreter Services Are Unique

Just a few words can drastically change the outcome of a deposition, that is why accurate translations are necessary. Our legal translators and interpreter services provide quality translation for the witness testimony in depositions. We are able to improve communication channels in multiple languages.

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