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Deposition Conference Room

Deposition Conference Room

Deposition conference rooms offer a private, neutral ground when you need to hold a deposition or a meeting. This neutral conference room is comfortable for all of the involved parties, whether they are there in person or participating via video conferencing.

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What to Look for When Selecting a Deposition Conference Room

When reserving a conference room for depositions, there are several key characteristics you need to look for:

  • Good acoustics are a must if you need to include remote participants through video conference.
  • High-speed internet ensures that you do not encounter significant delays in the video feed for a deposition off-site, and digital phone lines make it easy to include phone participants.
  • A fully-equipped deposition conference space should also have several electrical outlets, comfortable chairs, large enough tables to spread out files or set up laptops, climate control, sufficient parking, bathrooms, printing and copying services, and access to court reporters.
  • Ensure the space in neatly maintained and properly cleaned so there are no untimely delays.
  • The room should be well-lit, especially if the deposition is to be videotaped.

All of the amenities should create a comfortable environment where it is easy to communicate with all the participants.

What Makes ACRI Conference Rooms Different

The conference rooms we provide are private, well-lit and soundproof. You get complete, uninterrupted time so you can maximize these meetings. Our scheduling and booking system is easy to use and allows you to have quick access to the space as you need it. If you need help, we have court reporters and technicians on hand. They can also provide advice on how to get the most out of your deposition, whether you need to know the right equipment to use or ways to get better outcomes from witnesses.

Need to test equipment before the deposition? Come in for a trial run so you end up with a video deposition that's admissible in court. We will help you set up the technology you need to make the most of your scheduled time.

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Need to reserve a private conference room? We can share ways to make your deposition and conferencing go smoothly. Contact us to learn more about our private conference rooms and to discuss your needs. We look forward to serving you in and out of the courtroom.

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