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Court Reporting

Court Reporting

Court reporters and stenographers create the official transcript of a deposition or court proceeding. They are the only neutral in a court case and focus on making sure their work product is accurate and unbiased. Court transcriptions are important when you need to reference depositions as part of your case preparation or when your case is appealed.

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How Our Court Reporting Services Are Different

Our court reporters hold state and national certifications. Many of our reporters hold multi-state credentials for covering your court reporting needs. We empower our court reporters with the latest technology, so you get excellent value and accuracy when you work with us.

We provide court transcriptions at your preferred speeds. We offer everything from rough draft transcripts to real-time translation, expedited delivery and rush orders, so you know exactly what happened in the deposition or courtroom that day. When time is of the essence, you can't wait for the information you need to support your case. With our services, you have access to your transcript immediately, when requested, so you can fully prepare your case.

Our Courtroom and Legal Technology

Our technology solutions allow our court reporters to deliver valuable, trustworthy and accurate transcriptions that are easy to access and secure.

  • CAT: Computer-aided transcription speeds up the transcription process for our court reporters. Every word written on a transcription machine is sent to the reporter’s computer, so redundant steps are eliminated.
  • LiveLitigation gives you access to real-time reporting in the same room, and adjacent room or online. This software produces a broadcast with text, video or both during the deposition process. This secure software makes it simple for people to view the deposition wherever they are, making this configuration much more convenient than scheduling multiple people in one location.
  • RealLegal E-Transcripts make it possible to transmit transcripts safely and securely. It supports sending signatures and putting together a custom format. The file format works with third-party litigation software.
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Our Legal Case Expertise

Our court reporters have extensive experience with class action lawsuits, medical malpractice lawsuits as well as arbitrations. We have reporters who travel with clients, as well as having affiliates all across the 48 contiguous United States. You can count on our services for all of your legal needs.

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